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At Spice Alley, we believe that preparing, sharing, and eating a good meal is one of the most gratifying and joyful of all human experiences.

Hello, my name is Chrissy and I am a real person. I live in Cleveland, OH. I founded Spice Alley in 2018 with my husband, Jason. It's our mission to inspire at-home cooks (like you!) to explore flavor more fully.

The kitchen is kind of a magical place, isn't it? All around the world, right now, there are people in every single country, culture, and community cooking. The ingredients and recipes may vary, but one thing is always true: we make food that we love and we share it with the people we love. This is a universal truth. How awesome is that?!

A Little Background

I grew up just outside of Chicago during the 1980s-1990s. A very typical middle class Midwestern family. We ate dinner at the kitchen table as a family every single night, which was really quite lovely. But the food we were eating was not exactly adventurous. I mean, this was the era of TV dinners! You know when you watch movies from the 1980s and every American family meal looks like this: brown meat, white potato, green beans (probably from a can)? Now, to be fair, my dad was and still is an extremely picky eater so he didn't make experimentation easy. But it wasn't just my family, this was the food scene everywhere we went. And let the record show that my mother is a phenomenal baker of cakes, cookies, and other delightful treats (I don't want to get in trouble).

The point is, most of us grow up viewing food through the lens of our own family kitchen. So the chances are pretty good that there's a lot we're missing out on.

Food Renaissance

Over the past twenty years, we've had quite a food renaissance in the United States. This is partly due to the popularity of cooking shows which have inspired new generations of chefs and at-home cooks to raise the bar. We've also seen the shuttering of many chain restaurants following the birth of thousands of incredible, chef-owned eateries around the country. Business Insider said Millennials are killing chains like Applebee's and as a Millennial (just barely) I say, "you're welcome".

This food renaissance also comes to us via thriving multiculturalism in urban areas, easy access to online recipes, and a growing collective willingness to try anything and everything. Heck, a few months ago we took my dad (remember the super picky eater from earlier in the story) to our favorite Indian restaurant in Chicago and he LOVED it. He's still raving about it. We're realizing that many of the foods he thinks he doesn't like...are simply foods he's never tried. I believe this is the case for a lot of people.

Our Mission

So that's our goal: to inspire at-home cooks to explore flavor more fully. We want you to taste something you've never tasted before and go, "holy crap". We want you to feel like a whole new world of food has opened before you and you have everything you need to start exploring. We want to make your spice rack just a little more colorful. Most of all, we want to help transform your kitchen and your dinner table into a place of wonder, discovery, and joy.

Thanks for stopping by and for reading our story. Now go make something delicious!

Chrissy Pearl

Owner & Founder of Spice Alley

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