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Salt-Free Seasonings

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Pickling Spice Mix
Pickling Spice Mix
Starting at $5.99

Why choose salt-free seasonings?

A lot of seasoning blends are actually jam-packed with salt. It’s hard to keep tabs on how much salt you’re consuming when it’s basically hiding in everything. Our seasonings are salt-free — this let’s you add as much (or as little) salt to your dish as you like so that your health is in your hands.

Also, salt is cheap. When you’re paying for premium spices and half the bottle is actually filled with salt, you’re not getting a deal.

And finally, salt-free seasongs have great flavor! Most dishes do need at least some salt, so we’re not suggesting you cook without it. However, there are so many other flavors to explore! Our salt-free seasonings create complex, bold, balanced flavors that do well with just a little added salt (to your taste).