11 Spice Tools That’ll Elevate Your Cooking Game

11 Spice Tools That’ll Elevate Your Cooking Game

Whether you’re a cooking newbie or an experienced home cook, you should probably have some space and a few tools dedicated to spices. One of the biggest challenges with owning a variety of herbs and spices is figuring out how to organize them effectively. Another is deciding whether or not to buy whole spices and figuring out how to grind them when necessary. Here's a list of our favorite spice tools and accessories to help you out.

Organizing Spices

    1. Pull Down Spice Rack by Rubbermaid

      This spice rack mounts easily inside your cabinet and lets you see all your spices at a glance. Plus, you can pull down the entire rack down to reach, replace, and rearrange items at eye level. It doesn’t necessarily save space, but it makes the space you have work much better for you. Shop Now »

      2. Spice Drawer Organizer by mDesign

      This spice drawer organizer uses three slanted tiers to create more space in kitchen drawers for spices, seasonings, dried herbs, and salts. The slim profile fits most drawers. Keep spices within reach but out of view. Shop Now »

      3. Stainless Steel Spice Funnels by Aozita


      A lot of home cooks choose to transfer spices from branded jars to specialty containers or sometimes prefer buying bagged refills for their jars. If you’re transferring spices from one container to another, you are going to want stainless steel funnels. These ones are specifically designed for spices: the opening is big enough to let whole seeds and peppercorns through and narrow enough to fit into your jars. Plus, the “stainless” feature will come in really handy if you’re transferring spices like turmeric that tend to stain. Shop Now »

      Making Prep Easy

      4. Mini Spice Bowls for Kitchen Prep by Glokers

      These 3.5 inch glass bowls are perfect for measuring out spices and seasonings as well as other small ingredients like minced garlic, chopped chives, and shallots. They also hold small quantity liquid ingredients like vanilla extract, worcestershire, or apple cider vinegar. Shop Now »

      5. Magnetic Measuring Spoons by Progressive

      These Magnetic Measuring Spoons (set of 5) are double-sided: the narrow end is specifically designed to fit into most spice jars while the round end is good for measuring liquids. Plus (and this is maybe the best part) they nest together with magnets instead of that annoying ring connector that always gets in the way. Shop Now »

      6. Acacia Wood Salt Box by Lipper International

      Many chefs prefer to add salt to their dishes by grabbing pinches of it between their fingers from a nearby salt box. This wood swivel cover salt box is an attractive and functional way to keep coarse salt nearby while you’re cooking. Shop Now »

      Grinding Fresh Spices

      7. Mortar & Pestle by ChefSofi

      Mortar and pestle sets have been used for thousands of years to crush, grind, and powder spices, seeds, and dried herbs. This age-old method brings out the most flavor and aroma from your spices. A mortar and pestle is especially useful when cooking with saffron — simply grind a small pinch of saffron threads and add a little hot water to the mortar (bowl), allowing the saffron to steep until you’re ready to add it to your dish. Shop Now »

      8. Electric Spice Grinder by Cuisinart

      This electric spice and nut grinder has stainless steel blades designed specifically for grinding spices and nuts. This unit is small, powerful, safe, easy to use, and easy to clean. Shop Now »

      9. Manual Spice Mill by Microplane

      This manual spice grinder is ideal for grinding whole spices like cinnamon and nutmeg with handheld precision. Because it’s manually controlled, you can choose the pressure and texture you want while grinding your spices. This spice grinder is loved by both professional chefs and home cooks alike. Shop Now »

      10. Premium Zester & Grater by Microplane

      While this tool is most commonly used to zest lemons and oranges or to grate parmesan cheese, it is also perfect for grating items like nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger root, dried chiles, and garlic. This Microplane grater is dishwasher safe and comes in a variety of handle colors. Shop Now »

      11. Wood Pepper Grinder by Cole & Mason

      This classic wooden peppermill combines both form and function with a beautiful appearance and an excellent quality grind. Its precision mechanism doesn’t crush peppercorns but instead strips them to release maximum flavor with each turn. Easily adjust the grind from coarse to fine by tightening or loosening the knob on the lid. Shop Now »

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